10 year reunion - 2013

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Second Confrence Call Notes!

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make it to the call tonight!  Bennett, you are a great asset to our team!  Thank you for offering to update our online capabilities and get our word spread a bit better.

Here is what we decided tonight:

Goals for next phone call:
  1. Each member contact and get a response from 20 people on your list.
  2. Each member find 5 people to help on sub committees

Goals moving forward:

Sub-groups have been formed.   

Financial Group
  • Headed by Heidi Phillips
  • Must review and approve (by committee vote) all spending of funds for the reunion
  • Create a budget for each group
  • Assist in fundraising
  • Collect and track money spent
Marketing / Contacting Group
  • Headed by Bryan Bennett
  • Find ALL people and ensure they are aware of the reunion and activities
  • Send out mailers, reminders, and invitations to the event
Reunion Entertainment Group
  • Headed by Tanya Sadler Korth
  • Create a schedule for events to occur the day of the reunion
  • Ensure all entertainers are booked and ready
Locations / Catering Group
  • (Need a head?)
  • Get quotes on locations and places for the committee to decide on where to go
  • Work with Entertainment Group to decide on what type of caters, photographers, etc are needed for the event and get quotes for a decision to be made
Fundraising Group
  • (Need a head!)
  • Find people interested in donating services and or funds to make this reunion happen
  • Works closely with Finance Group

All in all a good call!  Thanks everyone for you time and interest in keeping this alive.  Each group is in need of many more helping hands.  Don't be afraid to contact us if you feel you have capabilities or contacts that can help in any of these responsibilities. The more hands, the easier the work.

Thanks again!!

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